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The EAS Wiki was created in 2020 originally by Micah Beck (VTII/oneofakid) and Evan (EvanVS) as an official source for information on the Emergency Alert System, weather radios, and more. The wiki is actively maintained by members of the EAS community to remain up to date and accurate. We believe this page is a home for the EAS community as a whole, as right now the EAS community is split into multiple groups on Facebook, Discord, and more; therefore, information is pretty hard to find. Instead of having to search through Discord chatlogs and past Facebook group posts, there is now an official source for every bit of information we can find, available for free to the public via this Wiki.

This site is a part of the Rockside Media Web Network, and paid for by Micah Beck. Consider donating to help maintain this website, as it does cost money to run and effort to maintain. Contributions will go directly in to the fund to pay for hosting this website.